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geschrieben von: Guuxy (IP-Adresse bekannt)
Datum: 15. Mrz 2013 04:26
quot;Back in the day", men and women could travel the friendly skies without ever having to fear criminal or terrorist activities. Unfortunately, those golden days are gone, and now have come the days of baggage searches, body searches, invasive x-ray machines, grabby airport security, and the suspicious eyes of everyone on board with you. Not only must you submit yourself for physical searches and seizures, but you must show proof that you are who your ticket says you are. In the golden days of air travel you only had to produce a purchased ticket, now you have to produce your purchased ticket, valid government issued ID, your blood type, donor card, the social security number of your best friend&#039;s mother&#039;s uncle, and produce a list of your favorite flavors of coffee. Okay so that last few of the things on that list are fabricated, but how much longer before they&#039;re the standard? In the meantime, you are required to carry your ID and present it at every opportunity for strict security purposes. The problem with this travel hassle is that you cannot just carry your ID in your hand everywhere. What happens if you put it down to pick up your lunch order and forget it? You&#039;re stuck having to dash back 40 gates to where you had lunch to find it. Or what happens if you present the ID, go to place it your pocket, and miss the pocket completely? Now you have no idea where it ended up, but you need it in order to board the plane!This travel hassle can be fixed very easily and inexpensively. You can buy and use lanyards and badge holders specifically made to hold your ID in place securely around your neck. With lanyards and badge holders, you can place your ID in a badge holder, clip that to your lanyard, and place the lanyard around your neck. With this genius set of accessories you just put it on and forget about it until you need to flash your ID. Once you&#039;ve shown your ID to the appropriate check point personnel, you just let it fall back against your chest and move along. No worrying about getting it directly into your pocket, or putting it back into its snug pouch in your purse.A great thing about lanyards and badge holders is that they can be customized for your personal tastes. Not only are there ribbon lanyards, but there are also beaded lanyards that come in many different colors, designs, and patterns of beads. Not only does your lanyard provide ease of access to your ID while you travel, but it&#039;s also a fashion statement you make that says, "I was smart and wore this lanyard, now I can travel without worry of ID theft or loss." Beaded lanyards are a little more costly than their ribbon cousins, but if you really want something stylish to hang around your neck during those long hours of flight, you can&#039;t go wrong with personalized beaded lanyards and badge holders

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